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¡Quita, bicho!

30 EUR

30x40 cm silkscreen print.
Signed and number edition of 50.


A few weeks ago, on my morning walk to my job, I had an awful experience.
An old creepy man, started following me saying "I'm gonna fuck you, I wanna fuck, fuck" and made pig sounds too.
I'm used to answering these kind of agressions, so I did and got to the office feeling angry but powerful.
I felt like making an image about it, so I made this feminist self-defense little red riding hood, that was later turned into a this screenprint edition.

Sóc Paulapé, il·lustradora valenciana.
En la meua botiga podeu trobar una selecció d'il·lustracions, serigrafies, fanzines i alguna coseta més :)

Soy Paulapé, ilustradora valenciana.
En mi tienda podéis encontrar una selección de ilustraciones, serigrafías, fanzines y alguna cosita más :)

I'm Paulapé, a valencian illustrator.
In my store you can find a sellection of illustrations, screenprints, zines and some other things :)